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Tips for Creating a Homeschool Cleaning Schedule That Fits the Whole Family and more

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Tips for Creating a Homeschool Cleaning Schedule That Fits the Whole Family

Sunny Patch Homeschooling

It can be tough to create a homeschool cleaning schedule that works for the whole family. But with a bit of planning and some cooperation, it can be done! Here are some tips to help you get started. Before you can create a homeschool cleaning schedule, you need to talk to your family about their cleaning schedules. Ask them what days and times t…

From Middle School to Homeschooling | Homeschool Transition | Homeschool & Homemaking

To Each Their Own Home Homeschool & Homemaking | From Middle School to Homeschooling | Homeschool Transition TODAY’S VIDEO IS ALL ABOUT …

Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace Audible Logo Audible Audiobook. Free $0.00 with Audible trial

Exit Strategy: Developing a Plan for Life After Homeschooling with Steve Lambert

Heidi St John – Off The Bench Have you ever considered what you will be doing after your kids are done homeschooling? For many homeschool moms, the last …

Fun & Easy Baking Soda and Vinegar Science Experiments

Homeschool Giveaways

If you have baking soda and vinegar at home, it is all you need for super science fun. These baking soda and vinegar science experiments are easy to do and your kids will love them! Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiments What is the best thing about vinegar and baking soda science experiments? You have everythingRead More The post Fun & Easy Baking …


Grace and Grit homeschoolmom #cleaningmotivation #cleanwithme #organizewithme #homeschoolroomtour #cupshe #bikini #dress USE MY …

Homeschool Board Duties

Did you know the four main duties of homeschool board members? They are the duty of care, loyalty, management and compliance. In this short podcast episode (12 minutes) Carol Topp, the Homeschool CPA, explains what those duties look like in practice. She offers tips and advice to help your board do a better job with their responsibilities…

What we’ve been up to! | Summer Plans, Homeschooling, and Life Updates | ModernMom4Life

ModernMom4Life THIS VIDEO IS INTENDED FOR ADULT VIEWERS AND IS NOT MADE FOR KIDS** In today’s video I wanted to give you all a little …

Ew! You homeschool?

Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

Today Lisa Nehring is talking with Steffanie Williams, author of “Ew! You homeschool?” Steffanie is a former homeschooling mother of 3 daughters, author and encourager! Steffanie shares her story of homeschooling and her message of hope for fellow homeschoolers, ‘God will enable you! You can teach all subjects well.” How, exactly? Homeschooling …

Add Creativity to Your Middle School Language Arts

Homeschool Review Crew

This article is in collaboration with Clear Water Press and their Middle School Language Arts program. Many people have been captivated by the opening lines of a story such as, “It was a dark and stormy night,” or “Once upon a time, in a land far, far away.”  Daniel Schwabauer and Clear Water Press offer a middle school language arts curricul…

How to Homeschool with Toddlers & Babies | Podcast #2 | Mom of 10

10 Kids and a Garage How to Homeschool with Toddlers & Babies | Podcast #2 | Mom of 10 #podcast #homeschooltips #homeschoolmom …

GPA on Your Transcript

Homeschooling for College Credit

Did you know? We have a new Summer Catalog of HS4CC courses!! The Summer Catalog is OPEN NOW- August 26,2022. Featured Course: GPA on Your Homeschool Transcript This new HS4CC Short Course (under 15 minutes) gives you a fast and easy to follow demo calculating your teen’s GPA in a weighted / unweighted format for […]

Middle School CHANGES // Things We are Changing in Our Homeschool

Family of Three Homeschool 6th Grade – Middle School! Wow! We are preparing for the school year and there are some things that we are going to change in …

12 Parenting Quotes That Will Make You Question Your Methods

Homeschool Spanish Academy

Have you ever wished your child was born with instructions?  It’s easy to get lost in the modern parenting world. So often, we embark on the journey towards being an ideal parent while everybody around us already seems to be one. Let me tell you something, being a parent is hard and being a perfect parent is simply impossible.  Still,…

SAHM Chit Chat | Homeschooling, Schedule, Friendship Advice

Gwen Vo. Hey everyone! Today we have a SAHM Chit Chat with Tina discussing homeschooling, schedule, friendship advice, etc.

Consider This Your Sign To Start Homeschooling Your Kids – The Federalist

«homeschooling» – Google News

Thomas Jefferson Homeschool Method

A2Z Homeschooling

3 hours

What is a Thomas Jefferson homeschool? Learn how you can bring leadership education into your homeschool with the Thomas Jefferson homeschool method.

Delightful Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Which Promote a Love of Learning

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus

3 hours

Delightful kindergarten homeschool curriculum which promote a love of learning can be hard to find. Not only will I share how to choose a delightful curriculum, but I’ll explain the essentials. Besides, it’s hard to choose a curriculum if you don’t know what subjects to teach. Another important part of a kindergarten homeschool curriculum is […]


This Homeschool House Today I’m sharing how I plan to be flexible with my homeschool planner. I’m halfway through my second year of using the Anna …

Our Favorite Choices Yet! Morning Basket Curriculum Choices – Family Style Group Subjects

The Practical Homeschooler Hi there! Thanks for joining me! Today I’m sharing our morning basket/group subjects for next school year. I’m really excited about …


Multi-Age Homeschooling Tips to Help You Succeed

Year Round Homeschooling

Homeschooling multiple ages and/or grades can be challenging, but it is easier than most people think. The best part? You don’t have to figure it out on your own, I’ve got a few tips for multi-age homeschooling to help you along the way.  When you start homeschooling with several kids in the family of all […] The post Multi-Age Homeschooling Tips…

Free Printable Recipe Book for Kids for Creative Learning Fun

Rock Your Homeschool

This free printable recipe book for kids is a super fun way to boost learning and more. Your kids will have a blast learning about kitchen safety, meal planning, recording favorite recipes, and more. Learn all about this 19 page set of recipe book fun for kid and how to get your pack today! Easily… The post Free Printable Recipe Book for Kids f…


Dash of Homeschool Hope you enjoyed learning about Evan Moore’s Real World Writing ! Check it out here: …

Free Homeschool Planner

Free Homeschool Deals ©

Take a look at this adorable looking free printable homeschool planner template that you can easily use for the new school year coming up!  Any homeschool teacher knows how hard and challenging it can be to keep track of everything for your kids starting a new school year. It’s even easier to lose track in the middle of the year and fall…